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Since 2004 Carolyn has continued to learn, adding Reflexology, EFT, Herbology, Parasitology,
Resonance Repatterning, Iridology, and therapies with Bach Flowers and Be Young Essential Oils.
Working with essential oils, she has added therapies including Raindrop Therapy, Emotional Release, Physical Aromatic Therapy and Emotional Aromatic Therapy.

Continuing Education
2009 Carolyn was invited to be an educator with New Sun Products. She continues to look for opportunities to teach others about preventative and integrative health care.

2010 Jin Shin Jyutsu was added.

2011 Carolyn graduated from Trinity College of Natural Health in Warsaw, Indiana as a Doctor of Naturopathy. She also is certified with CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professionals) and continues her education through their classes.

2012 Completion of a certificate as a Certified Health Specialist, a certificate in Nutritional Counseling and a degree as a Master Herbalist, through Trinity College of Natural Health.

In 2012 Added Jin Shin Juytsu and taking additional classes through Trinity College of Natural Health.

In 2009 Carolyn was priviledged to become an Educator with New Sun Products. She continues to look for opportunities to teach others about preventative and alternative health care.

Goals: To continue learning new and better techniques, to continue building a network of health professionals that can share their expertise and experience in the Natural Health field and to train and educate all who are interested in improving their health.
Ultimate Goal: To set up a Health Spa that focuses on detoxing the body, then rebuilding, energizing and improving the immune system health of all clients.

Services Offered
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Carolyn has four children and four wonderful grandchildren. Since 2007 she has been traveling and working in many different locations. Carolyn is actively involved in her religion and her ministry. Her passion is learning and sharing new things. She enjoys spending time with friends, family, scrapbooking and traveling.